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Henley Passport Index 2023: Here’s where India stands.

Henley Passport Index has revealed the best passports to hold in 2023.

Henley and Partners, a citizenship and residency consulting organization, ranks national passports according to their ability to travel without a visa. It considers how many places a passport holder can travel to without applying for a pre-travel visa. Moreover, the index has connected international travel with a country’s access to the global GDP, with travel levels being at about 75% of pre-pandemic levels. The Henley Passport Index is an important document as it can tell a lot of the status of the country in regards to its ranking.

For the fifth year running, Japan has been awarded as having the most influential passport in the world. A Japanese passport allows holders to enter 193 of the world’s 227 nations without a prior visa approval.

On the scale of visa-on-arrival/visa-free countries, Singapore and South Korea, which are tied for second on the list, received a score of 192. With each nation having access to 190 nations, Spain and Germany take third and fourth, respectively.

With scores of 186 and 187, the US and the UK are currently in seventh and sixth, respectively. For either of these nations to reclaim the top rank on the list, which they each previously held for almost ten years, is practically unthinkable.

Where does India stand in the Index?

India’s passport is ranking 85th among the strongest passports in the world by The Henley Passport Index. Together with Mauritania and Uzbekistan, India is ranking 85th. Henley & Partners, a citizenship and residence consultancy, released a list with the names of 199 nations on it. India climbs the list by two spots compared to last time. The index also revealed that holders of an Indian passport are eligible for visa-free travel to 59 nations.

Which country has the weakest passport?

The weakest passport in the world is issued by Afghanistan, which is rated 109th on the list. Also, only 27 nations are accessible to its nationals without a prior visa approval. Pakistan, which is at 106th rank, is another nation with a mediocre passport. Likewise, 32 countries do not require visas for its nationals to enter.



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