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Here’s How Twitter’s Board Can Handle Elon Musk

Twitter can propose to open its books to Musk, trusting that this would prompt a superior deal. This would test Musk's portrayal of his $54.20 all-cash bid as his "best and last deal".

Numerous financial backers, examiners, and speculation investors expect Twitter Inc’s top managerial staff to dismiss Elon Musk’s $43 billion obtaining offer before very long as insufficient, however, how might the web-based entertainment organization then, at that point, continue?

Twitter shares dropped on Thursday after Musk divulged his proposition, as the market considered it too low and too slight on supporting subtleties. Twitter’s board is presently assessing the offered and numerous financial backers and experts say that dismissal is reasonable, banishing any progressions to the proposal from Musk.

Here are a few choices accessible to Twitter’s board would it be advisable for it choose to turn down Musk’s deal:


Twitter’s load up may choose not to participate in deal converses with Musk and on second thought give additional opportunity to its new Chief Executive Parag Agrawal to meet the organization’s functional targets. The load up embraced a one-year death wish last week that keeps Musk from possessing over 15% of the organization without its assent, winning itself some time. It additionally faces no momentary test in light of the fact that the cutoff time for financial backers to advance their own load-up candidates at its yearly investor meeting in May passed with next to no opponent record documented.

Agrawal, beforehand Twitter’s central innovation official, succeeded Jack Dorsey in charge of the organization toward the finish of November.

Agrawal said in February that he was staying with the aggressive income and client development objectives that the organization declared last year, regardless of financial backer distrust that has burdened Twitter’s portions. Those objectives incorporate arriving at 315 million normal ‘monetizable’ every day dynamic clients – – enrolled clients that see advertisements on the stage – – and producing something like $7.5 billion of yearly income before the finish of 2023. Twitter posted $5.1 billion of income in 2021 and found the middle value of 217 million monetizable every day dynamic clients in the final quarter of 2021.

Musk has given inconsistent messages on what he would do assuming his bid fizzles. He said last week that he would reevaluate his situation as Twitter’s investor assuming his deal is dismissed. This could show that Musk would then sell his over 9% stake in Twitter and leave. Nonetheless, Musk likewise tweeted last week that Twitter investors ought to get a say on his proposed bargain regardless of the organization’s board’s thought process. This was deciphered by certain financial backers as a clue that he might want to go ahead with a threatening bid.


Twitter can propose to open its books to Musk, trusting that this would prompt a superior deal. This would test Musk’s portrayal of his $54.20 all-cash bid as his “best and last deal”. The Tesla Inc CEO, whose total assets are fixed by Forbes at $265 billion, has not indicated the amount of his own fortune he might want to contribute towards an arrangement to obtain Twitter.

It is conceivable that Musk winds up cooperating with private value firms, sovereign abundance reserves, or other profound stashed financial backers to diminish his own value check in any exchange. He said last Thursday that he believed as many existing Twitter investors should move their stakes in an arrangement as legitimately conceivable.


Twitter’s board can investigate vital other options, which would include reaching organizations, private value firms, and other possible admirers to measure their premium in an arrangement. The advantage of this choice is that it could recognize a more ideal arrangement or put a squeeze on Musk to raise his deal. The drawback is that it could raise the expectations of numerous financial backers that Twitter will offer itself, constraining it to arrange an arrangement from a place of shortcoming, considering that its portions are exchanging at somewhat over a portion of what they merited barely a year prior.

One expected bidder, buyout firm Thoma Bravo LP, reached Twitter last week to communicate interest in a deal that would challenge Musk, Reuters revealed. Other private value firms could get involved, and some innovation and media organizations may likewise decide to overcome the administrative investigation that would accompany such an arrangement.

It is conceivable that any elective exchange that Twitter selects wouldn’t be a securing. In 2020, the organization consented to sell $1 billion in convertible securities to private value firm Silver Lake, a move that assisted it with subsidizing a $2 billion offer buyback. Twitter could decide to seek a comparative arrangement now with another party, raising more money and staying away from an out-and-out deal.



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