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Illinois woman finds husband’s mummified body in closet.

A woman in Illinois, USA found her husband's body mummified in their closet 8 months after he went missing.

After almost eight months without hearing from him, a woman in Illinois, United States discovered her missing husband in their home’s closet.

The Independent claims that Richard Maedge, 53, vanished in April of last year. It happened after calling his wife Jennifer Maedge to let her know he would be leaving work early. Ms. Jennifer went back to their Illinois home, where his car was parked outside. However, she was unable to locate or get in touch with him.

During their search, law enforcement officers detected a “sewer-like” odor at the residence. Afterwards, Ms. Maedge made another contact to the police to report a smell in the house. Even though they re-searched the house, the police were unable to locate the spouse despite the scent being the same.

Mr. Richard’s remains were found in a closet in the house in December when Ms. Jennifer went inside to grab some Christmas decorations. Police had searched the residence and looked into his disappearance.

Police and medical report:

According to a report from the Madison County Coroner, Illinois that was made public last week, Mr. Richard committed suicide. The police reported that no proof of a crime was discovered during the autopsy.

When the police arrived at Mr. Jennifer’s home in December, they noted a “sewer-like smell” inside the building. They described as a “hoarder home,” according to a separate statement made to the media outlet by the county’s chief deputy coroner, Kelly Rogers. The deputy coroner also stated that Mr. Richard’s body had stopped decaying and was now mummified.

Mr. Rogers continued by suggesting that the lack of a strong odour from the remains might have contributed to its prolonged disappearance. Ms. Jennifer stated that her husband’s funeral was held in January by the family. She admitted to the publication that she knows why the police failed to find Mr. Richard’s body. She said that they would not have been aware of the secret closet and that the odour was not overbearing.

The husband’s body has advanced past decomposition, the deputy coroner informed KTVI, and is now in a mummified stage, which happens when the person’s bodily fluids dry up or are removed from the skin.

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