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India Begins its G20 Presidency from Thursday.

India commences its G20 Presidency on 1st December 2022. Many say it will be a historic moment in the history.

The G20 presidency of India, which started on December 1, comes at a difficult time. The differences in the world over the conflict in Ukraine were evident at the Bali summit. The leadership of Indonesia saved the day and allowed for an united announcement. Delhi is presently in the lead. The G20’s main objectives are to ensure global financial stability and the equitable distribution of the benefits of economic growth. It also includes technological advancements.

The difficulty is how to accomplish this while a war is raging in Europe. This has disrupted economies by restricting access to fuel, foodgrain, and fertiliser. Basically just as governments started to formulate recovery plans and the pandemic’s hold had began to break.

For any significant ideas to emerge at the end of the year, India will need to negotiate the group’s divisions on the war. Also on its own issues with China and the rivalry between China and the US. Our foreign policy has a rare opportunity to influence the global agenda during the presidency.

India’s Role:

its neutral stance in the Ukrainian war will influence India’s G20 presidency. According to an official statement from Delhi, will be used to “reflect on concerns of the global South.” India has a long history of having independent foreign policy and utilising it to advocate for what was formerly known as the Third World as the movement’s leader.
In an opinion piece (IE, December 1), Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that he hoped to provide India’s governance practises as “potential templates” for global solutions.

Unified Payment Interface and the digitization of public goods distribution are only two examples of domestic technical interventions. Governance made possible by India’s knowledge sector, one of the more important effects of the economy’s liberalization in 1991.

Delhi is already sharing its UPI Technology with other nations. But even if this is the “fastest expanding large economy”. There is no denying that it is also the country with the greatest concentration of destitute people in the entire globe.

The G20 Presidency plays a very important role for India in terms of International level. Let’s see how India turns out in its role in the Presidency.

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