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Israel witnesses massive protests as PM fires Defence Minister.

Following the dismissal of defence minister of Israel by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, tens of thousands of Israelis took to the streets throughout the country.

Following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant for opposing his proposed judicial reforms. Protesters gathered in Tel Aviv, according to a report from Al Jazeera on Monday. Following the verdict, tens of thousands of protesters shut down a highway in Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, police and demonstrators battled outside of Netanyahu’s Jerusalem home.

The chaos aggravated a months-long issue over Netanyahu’s proposal to reform the nation’s court system. Which has further sparked widespread protests and frightened the US and other key allies.

Yoav Gallant had voiced his opposition to contentious efforts to reform the legal system. Near Mr. Netanyahu’s home in Jerusalem, police and military used water cannons to disperse protesters.

President of Israel not in support of the reforms:

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog urged the administration to postpone the measures early on Monday.

Additionally, the US expressed its grave concern over the developments and advocated for a settlement. There will be a week of commotion due to the new law. The revisions include ideas for giving the government exclusive power over the panel that selects judges.

Israel PM in support of the legal reforms:

Additionally, they would make it more difficult for judges to remove a leader who was considered unsuitable for office. This has infuriated many who believe it would benefit the current leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is now on trial for corruption.

According to Mr. Netanyahu, the reforms were approved by the electorate at the most recent election. They are intended to prevent the courts from abusing their authority.

After demonstrating in front of Mr. Netanyahu’s house, the protesters made their way to Israel’s parliament, the Knesset. Further dodging police as many waved Israeli flags and banged pots and pans. According to one government worker, Mr. Netanyahu “crossed every line we have as a democratic country,” she told the BBC.

Flag-waving demonstrators in Tel Aviv blocked a major road for more than two hours before being driven off by mounted police and water cannon.

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