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Jama Masjid Bans Entry of Women Who Come Without a Man.

In a controversial decision, Jama Masjid authorities ban the entry of women who come to the mosque alone. Even a group of Women will not be allowed if they are without a man

On November 24th, the Administration of Jama Masjid, Delhi has banned the entry of women who come to mosque alone. Even women are not allowed to come in a group until and unless there is a man with them.

This decision has stirred quite some issues on social media where women are criticizing the decision and are questioning the equality. Women believe that there should be no such rules in a place of worship.

This is not the first time we have seen such rule in a mosque. In several mosques in Delhi in areas like Okhla and Zakir Nagar, there are mosques which prohibit the entry of Women.

Here is the official statement:

What does the Administration say?

The Jama Masjid administration says that they have imposed such rule because women come and make “tiktok” videos inside the mosque. The administration has also said that women come and wait for their dates inside the mosques. They suggest that such behaviour is not appropriate in a place of worship and therefore the ban.

The administration added that there is no ban if women are coming with their husbands or family. Shooting of music videos is not prohibited in Jama Masjid, so there should be tighter execution of that rule instead of banning someone from entering a place of worship. That too, banning only gender to enter.

The Reaction:

Swati Maliwal, who is the Chairperson for Delhi Commission for Women, said she will issue a notice to the Jama Masjid Administration. She tweeted in which she said that every women has an equal right to worship as much as a man. She also added that no one has the right to stop a woman’s entry from a place of worship.

Below is the official Tweet from Swati Maliwal:

Everyone should have access to a place of worship irrespective of the religion or gender. However, if someone is breaking the rules, they should pay the fine not everyone.

What do you think about the ban? Is it fair or uncalled for?

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