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Japan to Pay Money to citizens to move out of Tokyo.

The Government of Japan announced that it will pay 1 million yen per child to families who opt to move out of Japan.

According to sources, Japan will pay families 1 million Yen (Rs. 6.3 Lakhs) per child to leave Tokyo this year in an effort to slow the country’s rural areas’ rapid population decline. A family with two kids who moves out of the Tokyo area could get 3 million Yen in support under this new plan.

Under this initiative, which started in 2019. The government anticipates that 10,000 individuals will have relocated from Tokyo to rural areas by the year 2027. 1184 families received assistance from the government in 2018, compared to 290 in 2020 and 71 in 2019.

Who is Eligible for this plan?

Families must leave the greater Tokyo area to qualify for the benefits. Though some may qualify if they move to hilly regions inside the city, according to authorities reported by the Kyodo news agency.

Approximately 1,300 towns, or 80% of the total, have signed up for the Programme in an effort to take advantage of a change in public attitudes regarding quality of life that intensified during the epidemic as more workers learned the advantages of working remotely.

Families must also reside in their new residences for a minimum of five years. During which time one member of the household must be employed or intend to start a new business. The national government will provide half of the funding for the plan, and local municipalities will provide the other half.

Japan’s rural areas have experienced a dramatic decline in population in recent years as more young people leave for chances in cities. Officials anticipate that the alluring sum will entice families to revitalize these areas. Thus, reducing the demand on available space and public services in the greater Tokyo area.

Will such a plan work in India?

Like Japan, India is also experiencing a similar problem. With people moving to metropolitan cities form smaller towns and villages, rural population is decreasing. Even though it is not entirely impossible for such a plan to work in India, it’s still difficult and challenging. Firstly, in India, opportunities are more readily available in metropolitan cities. A good solution of this can be work from home jobs. Even after the Covid era, many companies stay on work from home mode. This saves resources and times of the employees.

However it is difficult to predict that India will make such move anytime soon!

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