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Khalistani Mob attacks Indian High Commission in UK.

A group of Khalistani Supporters protested at the Indian High Commission in the UK. The mob also pulled down the tricolor flag and raised Khalistan flags.

Outside the Indian High Commission in the UK, a group of Pro- Khalistani demonstrators carried banners. They were in support of Amritpal Singh posters and were also shouting slogans. We Want Justice, Release Amritpal Singh, and Stand with Amritpal Singh were written on the posters that also included Singh’s image.

Social media videos also showed a man mounting the High Commission’s ramparts. To lower the Indian flag while “Khalistan Zindabad” cries were heard in the background. To put an end to the protests, the police arrived. Yet the protesters persisted in shouting “Indian government, shame, shame” as they continued their sloganeering.

Alex Ellis, the UK’s high commissioner to India, tweeted his condemnation of the acts of damage. Below is the tweet from Alex Ellis:

India takes action:

High Commissioner Alex Ellis was not in Delhi at the time of the incident. Thus, sources indicated that British Deputy High Commissioner Christina Scott was called to the MEA.

In order to express India’s strong outrage at the acts committed by separatist and extremist groups. Which was against the Indian High Commission in London earlier in the day, the MEA further called the senior-most UK diplomat in New Delhi late this afternoon. The complete lack of British security that allowed these individuals to enter the high commission premises was therefore required to be explained.

India also asked that the UK government take “prompt action to identify, arrest, and prosecute each of the individuals involved in today’s tragedy, and put in place rigorous measures to avoid the recurrence of such crimes.

According to the MEA, the diplomat was reminded of the UK government’s fundamental commitments under the Vienna Convention.

Images of shattered windows and men climbing the India House building were circulating on social media.

While claiming to be “informed” of an incident in the region, Scotland Yard has not yet released an official statement. On Saturday, the Punjab Police began a huge manhunt to find and apprehend Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh. Yet, according to the authorities, the separatist commander continues to elude them.

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