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Lionel Messi to be on Argentinian bank note?

Following the win of the FIFA World Cup, Argentina plans to have Messi's face on its new 1000 peso note.

We are all hearing about various things happening in Argentina to thank and congratulate Lionel Messi. From people changing the name of the streets to tribute Messi to jumping from buses to meet him. There is a lot happening in Argentina. However, there is recent news which states that the face of Lionel Messi will be on a new 1000 peso bill.

This takes all of this to a new level, a country’s currency is not just significant domestically but internationally as well. Following the team’s 4-2 shootout victory over France in the final. El Financiero, a Mexican national newspaper, reported that the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina planned to honor the historic achievement and has started brainstorming possibilities.

Fans eagerly await the new currency note in circulation as the mock-ups have already gone viral on social media.

Below are the mock-up notes over social media:

The 1000 peso bill will have Messi’s face, according to the story, because it starts with 10 and matches Messi’s jersey number.

The mock-ups include Messi’s image on one side and the name of the team, “La Scaloneta,” on the other. The term has connected to Argentina’s team since Lionel Scaloni took over as manager after Jorge Sampaoli left in 2018. Argentina won the 2021 Copa America, the inaugural Finalissima at Wembley Stadium. Now the 2022 FIFA World Cup while Scaloni is in charge.

In the meanwhile, Argentina has witnessed tributes to its World Cup stars before. When the nation won the World Cup for the first time in 1978,  coins were minted in honour of the occasion.

Messi won the Golden Ball for finishing the World Cup with seven goals and three a.ssists. The football player is currently celebrating the victory in Argentina Fans flooded the capital city of Buenos Aires to take part in the celebration.

What is people’s take on this?

There is a lot of argument that the news is fake and there is no official confirmation on the same. People also believe that Argentina is doing it way too much and there is no requirement of such things. People also argue that Messi did not win the World Cup alone and his team was beside him. However not a lot of people are appreciating the whole team.

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