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Lockdown Protests Reach Wuhan in China.

The Lockdown protests in China have reached Wuhan, the city where the first Covid-19 case was found.

In 2019, the whole World came to a stop after a disease “Covid-19” started spreading. Covid-19 is a deadly virus which spreads rapidly and attacks the respiratory system. The first case was found in Wuhan, China. There’s still a lockdown in China because of the same.

The virus’s outbreak led to lockdown in many countries and even death of millions. Eventually, scientists developed a vaccine and the outbreak was under control. It took almost two years for the situation to normalize and start to get normal again.

There’s still a few active cases in many countries and even India with 200-300 cases every day. However, it is not very dangerous and safe the say that the situation is under control.

Situation in China:

Although, in China where it all began, Covid is still causing issues in the country. It’s not in terms of the cases but the government’s policy of zero Covid cases. Covid-19 is a virus and it is now out which means it is almost impossible to have zero cases. Still, the government of China has imposed a lockdown in the country in order to achieve the goal of zero cases.

This zero case policy has triggered multiple protests in the country. Lockdown, as we all know has been very unpleasant for the society. It has led to people losing jobs, economic crisis, families in debts and what not! Government of China is still imposing a lockdown and people’s livelihoods are in danger.

How The Protests Started:

Ten people were killed in a residential high-rise building fire in Urumqi, capital of the northwest Xinjiang region, which set off the protests. Social media users posted videos of the incident and accused the Chinese government of being to blame for the high death toll by enforcing a tight lockdown.

Initially the protests started with a calm candle-march to mourn the loss of those who died in the incident. Soon it turned into a full-fledged protest with people chanting slogans like “down with Xi Jinping”. The protestors also chant “lift lockdown!” appealing to the government to end the lockdown.

The protests are now happening the city of Wuhan, with people fighting with the authorities. Over the past three years, China has imposed strict lockdowns in order to contain the virus’s outbreak.


The situation in China is worrying, as there is another surge of cases after 40,000 cases were reported on Saturday. The government of China must figure out how to contain the situation and lift the lockdown ASAP.

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