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LPG Cylinders to cost more than Rs 1,000 after hike

The price of domestic cooking gas was hiked by Rs 3.50 per cylinder, the second increase in rates this month

The cost of homegrown LPG was climbed by Rs 3.50 per chamber on Thursday, in the second such move this month in the midst of high global unrefined petroleum costs. With this, the expense of a chamber currently crosses the Rs 1,000-mark, as per news office ANI.

The expense of a business chamber has likewise been climbed by Rs 8. With the cost rise, a homegrown LPG chamber will cost Rs 1,003 in Delhi and Mumbai, Rs 1,029 in Kolkata, and Rs 1,018.5 in Chennai from today.

The cost of LPG is connected with global costs of LPG, which have been ascending because of supply worries because of the Russia-Ukraine struggle. The cost of LPG has been rising reliably since November 2020, with the cost of a 14.2 kg chamber in Delhi ascending by over Rs 400 or almost 70% during the period.

A consistent expansion in raw petroleum costs because of a recuperation popular post-Covid related limitations, slow reclamation of unrefined petroleum creation by oil-sending out nations and the Russia-Ukraine struggle have added to the rising LPG costs.



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