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Manipur Women Paraded Naked, Centre May Act Against Twitter over the video.

The horrifying Manipur video of two women being paraded naked by a gang of men, which went viral on Wednesday and sparked a wave of anger and condemnation, is likely to result in the government taking action against Twitter.

Social media networks have apparently also received warnings from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology over compliance with new IT regulations that uphold freedom of expression with “reasonable restrictions”.

The government has cautioned that it is against the law to distribute videos that “could lead to problems in law and order.”

According to insiders, a directive ordering action against Twitter for noncompliance was sent last night. They also stated that the IT ministry is coordinating across platforms to prevent further distribution of the video. In the revolting footage, two women are paraded naked and subjected to mob sexual assault. The women were allegedly dragged into a field and later forced to gang rape.

The incident happened on May 4, one day after fighting broke out in Manipur between the Kuki and Meitei tribes over the Meiteis’ demand for Scheduled Tribes (ST) recognition.

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Manipur Violence resulting in many deaths:

The ethnic conflict has resulted in over 120 deaths, thousands of internal displacements, and the current residence of relief camps for the displaced. After the video went viral yesterday on social media, one of the individuals in it was detained.

An experienced police officer had stated on Wednesday that “we have identified the men and will have them arrested shortly.” About 15 days after the horrifying assault, the two gang rape survivors contacted the police. Despite the fact that the crime was not committed there, they traveled to Kangpokpi. However, we have leads. In a day or two, we will capture the men, the officer promised.

The police have been told to look into this situation as soon as possible, according to Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh.

As the monsoon session got underway today, opposition parties attacked the BJP, which controls the state, and brought up the event in parliament. As the opposition pressed the prime minister for a statement, there were numerous adjournments.

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