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Nashville school shooter shot dead by police within 15 minutes.

After a shooter at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville killed three 9-year-olds and three adults, another American community is in shock.

The attack on Monday was the 19th shooting in Nashville at a school or institution thus far in 2023. It resulted in at least one person being injured and the bloodiest US school shooting in almost a year.

According to Nashville police superintendent John Drake, Audrey Hale, 28, was being treated by a psychiatrist. She was being treated an unidentified emotional problem at the time of the incident.

Drake expressed the opinion that the victims at the Covenant school. The same includes three children under the age of ten, were not specifically targeted.

According to investigators, the suspect’s parents believed the 28-year-old shouldn’t possess weapons. They were unaware that the weapons were hidden in their home.

In the incident at the Covenant School, six individuals were killed, including three nine-year-old children. As per the authorities, the suspect was receiving “doctor’s care for an emotional disorder.”

The shooter also fired police cars:

According to a police spokesman, the attacker targeted “this school, this church building” rather than a specific person. The suspect, according to Hale’s parents, had only ever had one gun, which had since been sold.

According to Nashville Police Chief John Drake on Tuesday, they were under the impression that the suspect “should not own weapons” and were not aware that the suspect “had been hiding several weapons within the house.” Five stores in the city were used to lawfully purchase the guns.

The first report of the event was made to the police on Monday at 10:13 local time (15:13 GMT). The suspect entered the premises by firing through one of the locked doors after driving to the school in a Honda Fit.

The shooter may be seen in a later video released by Nashville police firing through the front doors’ glass panes before strolling the school’s desolate hallways and passing a room marked “Children’s Ministry” at one point.

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