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NCR receives its first dense fog, AQI goes above 450.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issues a fog warning in Delhi NCR, Punjab and Haryana. AQI reaches above 450.

The Indo-Gangetic plains, including Delhi NCR, are experiencing dense to very dense fog for the second morning in a row today. In the nation’s capital, fog has reduced visibility to 25 metres and slowed down traffic.

There was fog cover at the Palam airport on Monday from 1.30 am to 7.30 am. Visibility was between 150 m and 300 m, which is considered “moderate” to “dense” fog, according to Jenamani. The visibility range for “moderate” fog is 499 metres to 200 metres. Delhi often experiences fog for 26 days and 278 hours on average in December.

The Delhi airport’s flight operations, though, are not facing any impact, yet. At the city airport, the lower visibility protocols are still in effect. The Delhi airport also issued a plea via Twitter asking travelers to contact airlines for the most recent flight information.

Below is the official tweet from Delhi Airport Administration:

At 5:30 am today, IMD accordingly published a list of the states with the lowest recorded visibility (in metres). In Bathinda, the visibility was 0. In Amritsar, Ganganagar, Patiala, Delhi (Palam), and Lucknow, the visibility was 25. Visibility was 50 as far as Delhi NCR and Purnea were concerned. In Ambala and Agra the visibility is 200. In Gorakhpur, the visibility was 300. Because of fog, 11 trains are running late on the Northern Railway sector.

On Sunday morning, the capital was experiencing thick fog, making it difficult to see in certain areas. Meanwhile, earlier on Sunday, a collision involving 22 vehicles on the Yamuna Nagar section of the Ambala-Saharanpur highway resulted in at least 12 injuries. According to sources, fog-related reduced visibility was to blame for the accident.

Everyone must take extra precaution while traveling on road. This is specially for two wheeler riders as it is difficult to spot them in such thick fog. We urge everyone to drive slow and turn on your headlights and hazard lights also, for extra safety. Everyone must also wear pollution masks as the AQI is above 450 currently which is extremely dangerous.



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