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New Zealand experiences earthquake after Cyclone Gabrielle.

New Zealand experiences strong earthquake of 6.1 magnitude after the passing of Cyclone Gabrielle.

Cyclone Gabrielle, hit land on New Zealand, North Island on Monday. It pounded the area on Tuesday, caused more havoc in the 5 million-person South Pacific nation than any other meteorological event in decades.

Four individuals, including one youngster, have died in the storm, according to rescue workers and police officers. In Eskdale, Hawke’s Bay, the toddler was caught in the rising waters on Tuesday. The North Island east coast bay also provided information on the other fatalities.

The depth of the destruction wrought by Gabrielle to New Zealand was demonstrated by fatal landslides. It further stopped roadways shutting off outlying villages, catastrophic flooding, and hundreds of people waiting on their rooftops to escape the flooding. Since Monday, at least 9,000 people have left their homes.

How the cyclone affected the country and residents?

As a result of landslides and floodwaters, several towns are still cut off.

According to a Guardian story, rural settlements that were already remote before Gabrielle hit were some of the worst-affected locations. In Pakhowai, a settlement between Hastings and Napier, floodwaters climbed the homes within minutes.

Many people were astonished by the rapid rise of the flood waters. Further, civil defence officials issued evacuation orders to the locals. Army trucks and air force helicopters are used to rescue the victims, with the latter removing victims from rooftops.

With the exception of a few necessities, the majority of citizens fled the advancing floodwaters with nothing. Most of them neglected to care for their livestock.

Earthquake hits New Zealand:

On Wednesday, a powerful 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck the area to the northwest of Wellington, New Zealand. The earthquake was centred at a relatively shallow depth of 57.4 kilometres, according to early data. The 76km-deep earthquake occurred at 7:38 p.m. It had a centre 50 kilometres to the northwest of Paraparaumu.

More than 31000 users reported feeling the earthquake on GeoNet in less than 15 minutes. No damage has been reported as of yet, and no tsunami warning has been given.

However, locals claimed to have felt the ground tremble for 10 to 20 seconds. Also comparing it to a line of enormous trucks passing by. The quake occurred as the aftermath of a terrible cyclone. The same left four people dead and extensively damaged the North Island, was being cleaned up.

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