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North India to get another cold wave, temp to drop to -4 Degrees.

Experts warn that North India will receive another cold wave in January, with temperatures going till -4 degrees.

Just as North India, including Delhi received a relief from the cold wave last week, Experts warn for another one. Even though the IMD department predicted that there will be no more cold waves, there just might be.

A weather specialist has projected that even when temperatures in North India briefly rise this week, January 2023 may still go down as the region’s coldest month, with lows of -4 degrees Celsius expected in the plains the following week.
Navdeep Dahiya, the founder of Live Meteorological of India, an online weather company, tweeted that severe chills are expected between January 14 and 19 and will likely be at their height from January 16 to 18.

A few days of moderate rain in the capital city may provide some relief from the bitter cold. IMD is also warning that isolated pockets of cold wave conditions are quite likely over Delhi and its neighbouring states from Saturday.

Below is the tweet from Navdeep Dahiya:

The IMD had forecast that people of Northwest India will only see brief relief from the severe cold this week after bone-chilling evenings for the previous few weeks.
Up to Friday, a 2-4 degree Celsius rise in minimum temperatures was predicted over the northwestern plains due to an active western disturbance. However, it anticipated a subsequent new blast of severe chill in the national capital.

After experiencing its third-worst cold wave in 23 years just a few days prior. Delhi’s minimum temperature on Thursday was 9.3 degrees Celsius. Which is two degrees above the seasonal average. The IMD predicts that the highest temperature will be close to 19 degrees Celsius.

We would like to advise people to take extra care during the cold wave, if it arrives. It is important to fully cover yourself and stay indoors at night.

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