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Peru Declares 30 days of Emergency as Protests Rise.

The protests in the country increase day by day after the arrest of former President Pedro Castillo.

Peru, a country in South America, is currently experiencing a severe political crisis that shows no indications of abating. Following President Pedro Castillo’s ouster and incarceration a week ago, Peru’s new government has proclaimed a 30-day national state of emergency to put an end to the violent protests that have rocked the nation. Since then, protests calling for the government to hold general elections have taken place. Numerous protests have turned violent. So far, there have been at least 8 fatalities and numerous grave injuries.

Why is the former President Pedro Castillo under arrest?

The country’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Pedro Castillo, the former president of Peru, must spend the next 18 months in judicial custody. His supporters demonstrated outside the courthouse and across the nation.

After attempting to dissolve Congress and impose an emergency government, Castillo, a former teacher and union leader from rural Peru, was impeached and ousted from office last week. Lawmakers denounced his move as an attempt at a coup.

Since then, he has been charged with insurrection and conspiracy, both of which he denies.

Since his removal from office, Castillo’s supporters have taken to the streets in cities across the Andean nation. What some protesters described is as a “national insurgency.”

How is the New Government tackling the situation?

The present government of Peru has used both the punishment and the reward to deal with demonstrators. Government can hold early early elections, as President Boluarte has suggested. However, this week, Defense Minister Luis Alberto Otárola issued a state of emergency and sent troops into the streets.

But so far, attempts to suppress the demonstrations have not seemed to address the demonstrators’ main grievances. They accuse Peru’s elite of unfairly overthrowing their elected government and perceive the political system as corrupt and unorganized.

This is very sad as the South American nations are already on the brink of economic crisis. Global recession is already hitting the poor nations and South American nations are already suffering from it. There is already a lot of hardships in Argentina, another South American nation who is suffering from economic distress. Above all this a country with nationwide protests and a state of emergency will only suffer more.

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