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Pet parrot reveals the names of men involved in a murder.

Neelam Sharma, was murdered in her house in Agra in 2014. Her pet parrot cried the name of her nephew who later confessed to the murder.

On February 20, 2014, Neelam Sharma, the spouse of Vijay Sharma. Who is the executive editor of a major Agra newspaper, was murdered in her own house. Her home was broken into after the murder. However the police had no clues until Vijay Sharma’s pet parrot started calling out the name of Sharma’s nephew.

After hearing the parrot’s cries, Vijay Sharma developed suspicions and asked the police to investigate his nephew. Ashu, the nephew, admitted to killing Neelam with Ronnie Massey’s assistance.

Based on Ashu’s confession and further evidence, Special Judge Mohammad Rashid sentenced both of the accused—Ashu and Ronnie—to life in jail, He also levied a fine of Rs 72,000. This decision was made nine years after the murder.

What happened?

On February 20, 2014, Vijay Sharma left his house with his son Rajesh and daughter Nivedita. They left to attend a wedding in Firozabad. Neelam remained at home. Vijay was shocked to discover his wife and pet dog dead when he came home late at night. A sharp item was used to kill the two people. Upon alerting the authorities, some suspects were apprehended.

On the other hand, Vijay Sharma’s beloved parrot ceased to eat and drink and became silent. Sharma thought the bird might have seen the crime.

The parrot was scared by Ashu’s name as he started naming the suspects one by one in front of it. Further, it started yelling “Ashu-Ashu” at him.

The victim’s daughter, Nivedita Sharma, told the media that her father also provided Ashu Rs 80,000 to obtain an MBA. Nivedita claimed that Ashu planned a robbery. He also knew exactly where the jewellery and money were stored in the home. She said, “He used a knife to stab the pet dog nine times and Neelam fourteen times, showing that his only intention was to kill and loot.”

Since there is no such provision in the Evidence Act, despite the parrot being mentioned repeatedly during the case, it was not presented as evidence. He put down his food and drink and also was silent. Sharma thought the bird might have seen the crime.

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