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“Petrol Will Be Sold At ₹ 15 Per Litre If…”: What Minister Nitin Gadkari Said?

Nitin Gadkari, a union minister, proposed an original plan on Tuesday to lower the cost of petrol to 15 rupees per litre. Mr. Gadkari discussed his goal of enabling farmers all throughout the nation to become “urjadaata” (energy providers) during a rally in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. He claimed that if we use a blend of 40% electricity and 60% ethanol, the price of petrol will reduce drastically. The minister focused on the benefits of using an ethanol and electricity mixture during his speech.

“Our administration believes that farmers should become not just ‘annadata’ but also ‘urjadata’; hence, all automobiles will now operate on ethanol produced by farmers.

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Minister Gadkari explains the petrol alternative:

Fuel will be supplied at a cost of 15 rupees per litre and the people will gain if an average of 60% ethanol and 40% electricity is used, according to Minister Nitin Gadkari.

He went on to say that such a blend will not only lessen pollution and imports but also move the enormous amount of money spent on imports—$16 lakh crore—toward the households of farmers.

In Pratapgarh, Mr. Gadkari dedicated and laid the cornerstone for 11 national highway projects for a total of 5,600 crores.

Inauguration ceremonies were also held for four national highway projects with a combined length of 219 km and a price tag of 3,775 crore.

One of them is a six-lane stretch of National Highway 48 from Kishangarh to Gulbapura to enhance the connection to Ajmer and Bhilwara districts. During this initiative, it was also revealed that 74 projects in Rajasthan funded by the Central Roads Fund, totalling $2,250 crore, had been approved.

Minister Gadkari has been emphasizing the importance of ethanol for quite a while now. It actually makes sense to use ethanol in a country like India where there are a lot of automobiles and Ethanol can be easily produced in India. This can reduce the dependency on petrol in the country and encourage locally produced fuel.

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