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PM Modi Pays Homage to the Makers of our Constitution .

On the occasion of Constitution Day, which is observed on 26th November, PM Modi pays homage to the makers of our constitution.

26th November is BR Ambedkar’s birthday. BR Ambedkar played a major role in India’s Constitution. That is why, on the 125th Birth Anniversary of Ambedkar, Union Cabinet states that we will celebrate it as Constitution Day. PM Modi also addresses the nation on this day.

The government’s aim to celebrate this day is to spread awareness about the Constitution. It also aims to teach the citizens the immense value our Constitution holds. Earlier, we use to observe it as ‘National Law Day’.

History of Indian Constitution:

The current Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949, however it was agreed that it would go into effect on January 26, 1950, which was over two months later. The members of the constituent assembly examined it carefully over this two-month period to check for any errors.

Before adopting the Constitution, the Constituent Assembly met for a total of 166 days, or two years, eleven months, and 18 days. The first ever Constitution exists in both Hindi and English language.

Interesting Facts about Indian Constitution:

  • India’s Constitution is the longest written Constitution in the whole world.
  • The first copy of the Constitution was written by hand.
  • The day the Constitution was signed, it was drizzling outside and considered a good omen.
  • Only after implementing the Constitution, the women got voting rights in India.
  • BR Ambedkar was unhappy after just 3 years the Constitution was adopted.

PM Modi on The Constitution

PM Modi paid homage and respects to the makers of the Constitution for fulling their vision. He believes that ‘We the People’ in the Constitution is a commitment and pledge. It is also a belief that India is the Mother of Democracy.

PM Modi Emphasizes on the fact that “our duties should be our first priority”. He also states that the World’s eyes are on India amid rapid development. He says that the world has great expectations from India.

Below is the tweet from our PM:

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