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Putin To Undergo Cancer Surgery, Expected to Hand Over Power to Ex-Spy Chief

Russian President Vladimir Putin could need to go through a malignant growth medical procedure and he will be briefly giving overcapacity to the secretary of the country’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, worldwide media reports have guaranteed. The expected medical procedure and recuperation are probably going to cripple the President for “a brief time frame.”

Last month, Putin was seen firmly holding a work area during his gathering with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The occurrence has now brought up issues over the President’s well-being.

As indicated by a report by The New York Post, specialists have supposedly recommended Putin go through the activity. The report referred to a Telegram station purportedly run by a previous Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant general.
Lately, Putin had supposedly shown a ‘uniquely uneasy way of behaving openly’ and a ‘debilitated appearance’, following which the President has been reputed to experience the ill effects of malignant growth and a large group of other genuine illnesses, including Parkinson’s infection.

“We realize that Putin motioned to Patrushev that he believes him to be for all intents and purposes his main confided in partner and companion in the public authority,” the post asserted. The real control of the nation will be briefly passed into Patrushev’s hands, Nikolai Patrushev expressed.

Patruchev is the secretary of Russia’s Security Council, which is a compelling body that answers straightforwardly to Putin and issues direction on military and security issues inside Russia. A large portion of the gathering’s power is vested in Patrushev, who is broadly viewed as an ardent Putin partner.

“Patrushev is an inside and out bad guy. He is no more excellent than Vladimir Putin. Also, he is a really shrewd, and I would agree, more tricky individual than Vladimir Putin. Assuming that he comes to control, Russians’ concerns will just increase,” the proprietor of the Telegram station which asserted about Putin’s malignant growth medical procedure said.

Putin is probably not going to consent to surrender power for a more drawn-out timeframe, reports professed to add that the control of the nation will probably be in Patrushev’s grasp for somewhere in the ballpark of a few days.



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