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British could not, how can Modiji: Rahul Gandhi on ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress MP addressing the party workers in Mumbai on Friday asked how can PM Modi make India ‘Congress-mukt’ something that even the British could not do. Gandhi said, “England was the superpower of the world at that time like America today is. They could not make India free from Congress. Instead, the Congress drove them out of the country. But Modiji thinks his relationship with Adani will be able to obliterate the Congress. Like he thinks that Adani’s money can erase the Congress.” 

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“All of you must have seen the headline of the world’s largest financial newspaper which claimed that 1 billion dollars went from India to other countries and then came back. The report said Modiji has a deep and old tie with Adani. The entire country is understanding. The money goes from here, and the share prices of Adani Group increase. Then the money comes and with that Adani Ji buys airports. And now he is dreaming of coming to Dharavi. Does he even know what Dharavi is and what Dharavi people are? The Congress will make him understand in some time,” Rahul Gandhi said taking a swipe at the Adani Group’s Dharavi Redevelopment Project.

Rahul Gandhi’s comments on BJP’s defeat in Karnataka

‘BJP ki pitai Karnataka mein kaun kiya?’

“If the Congress party is finished, then who defeated the BJP in Karnataka? Which is the only party in Maharashtra standing tall? Our party in the state did not break, right? Because our party is of ideologies. It’s not like other parties. All Congressis have the same blood in their veins — of fearlessness. This is a party of lions and lionesses. I have seen Congress don’t get scared,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Mocking at PM Modi and the BJP members in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said Congress members, though not shown much on television, smile and laugh in Parliament, but the BJP members are always ‘grumpy’. “They don’t know how to live,” Rahul Gandhi said. Rahul Gandhi addressed the party workers in Mumbai after the two-day meeting of the opposition alliance. In the meeting, it was decided that seat-sharing among the parties would be addressed immediately.



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