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Rahul Gandhi gives a speech at Cambridge University.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has given a speech at Cambridge University. Slams Indian Democracy and claims Pegasus was tracking him.

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, spoke at Cambridge University on Tuesday. He spoke about the need of learning to listen in the modern day. Speaking at the university’s Judge Business School, he urged the need to promote a democratic atmosphere on a worldwide scale. He opposed to one that was constrictive.

During his week-long tour to the UK, Rahul will also speak at a “Indian Diaspora Conference.” He will engage with members of the Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) UK chapter, and mingle with other visitors.

Below is the link to Rahul’s speech:

Here are a few pointers from Rahul Gandhi’s speech:

  1. Rahul said that multiple political figures’ phones, including his own, were being tapped using the Israeli malware Pegasus. He continued by saying that intelligence personnel had advised him to be “careful” when having phone conversations. Since they might be recorded. “Pegasus was installed on my phone. Pegasus was on the phones of a lot of politicians.
  2. He asserted that there was a threat to Indian democracy and claimed that the opposition was constantly under pressure from irrational criminal charges. Rahul continued by saying that the core components of a democracy—the courts, Parliament, and free press—were being limited.
  3. Rahul also shared stories from his just completed 4,000-kilometer Bharat Jodo Yatra, which he took through 12 states. He described a “face-to-face meeting with militants in Jammu and Kashmir” to illustrate the effectiveness of listening and nonviolence. The security guards warned him about terrorist strikes, but he kept walking. Rahul was asked by an unidentified man whether he had genuinely come to listen to the valley’s residents. The man then gestured to a group of surrounding “militants” as he continued.
  4. He also discussed the various philosophies that the US and China have held since World War II, as well as the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. He stated that the issues of inequality and rage need to be addressed promptly in light of the significant shift in production to China and the collapse in manufacturing in nations like India and the US.

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