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Rs 120 Crore Worth Drugs Seized From Big States

The Narcotics Control Bureau(NCB) has held onto 60 kg mephedrone drug worth Rs 120 crore in worldwide market from Mumbai and Gujarat and captured six people regarding the two cases with normal linkages.

“Following up on a hint, NCB recuperated roughly 50 kg of MD drugs hid in a godown in Mumbai. Two individuals including the head boss of the cartel have been captured. Both the captured blamed are from Mumbai,” said SK Singh, Delegate Chief General, NCB.

Singh said at first the seizure was made in Gujarat after the Maritime Knowledge Unit of Jamnagar shared data in regards to the offer of mephedrone drug in the state.

“This info was together evolved by NCB and Maritime Knowledge Unit and held onto around 10.350 kg of MD medications and four people were captured for the situation,” added Singh.

He expressed one of those captured in Jamnagar has been distinguished as Sohail Ghaffar, who was a pilot with Air India from 2016-18.

“Primer test has uncovered that the two seizures have normal linkages. Worth of complete seized (60 Kg) MD drug is roughly 120 crore,” said the NCB Appointee Chief General.

Mephedrone, otherwise called whimper yowl’ or MD, is an engineered energizer and psychotropic substance restricted under the Opiate Medications and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.



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