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Delhi Police claims 80% of the Shraddha Walker Murder Case is solved.

Delhi Police claims that 80% of the Shraddha Walker murder case has been solved and the upcoming days are crucial as key evidence still remains missing.

As the days pass, more and more shocking facts are coming out in the Shraddha Walker murder case.

The couple was in a live-in relationship and were living together in a flat in Mehrauli where Aaftab murdered Shraddha Walker. He reportedly cut her body into 35 pieces over a few days and kept them in his refrigerator.

After Poonawala murdered Shraddha, he allegedly got out of his house past midnight over a few days and dumped Shraddha’s body parts in different parts of Delhi NCR like Sanjay Van and Mehrauli.

Status of Investigation as of Today:

Investigation is underway as Delhi Police is going to all the parks and forest areas near Poonawala’s flat in Mehrauli. Police is even creating a fake crime scene at the flat to figure out what else can be missing.

After the first day of Investigation, the police did find a few pieces of evidence and sent for investigation to Central Forensic Science Laboratory. Police has even returned empty handed as they believe that Poonewala is not giving contradictory and confusing statements.

On Sunday, the police found more evidence(human remains) in the Mehrauli Forest. Till now, Delhi Police has found 18 bones, which include the base of the jaw, decapitated jaw. The body parts are with CFSL for forensic examination before confirming that the remains are of Shraddha Walker or not.

Shraddha Walker’s life with Poonawala

After investigation with Shraddha’s friends, police found out that life of Shraddha was like hell while she was living Aaftab. Walker’s friend stated that initially she was in a happy relationship, then they got to know that Aaftab beats Shraddha.

They also stated that Shraddha wanted to leave Aaftab but couldn’t do so because of his anger issues. It is quite shocking for Walker’s friends to process that their friend was murdered by her boyfriend.

Poonawala made a shocking statement in court today, where he denied that the murder was planned and it happened in “heat of the moment”. After this statement, Aaftab’s Polygraphic Test will happen before his forensic test, said Forensic Science Laboratory.

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