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As Tomatoes Prices Reach ₹ 120 per Kg, A ₹ 2.5 Lakh Robbery In Karnataka Takes Place.

2.5 lakh rupees worth of tomatoes are said to have been stolen from a woman’s property farm in Karnataka. Tuesday night, the burglars allegedly fled the farm in Goni Somanahalli the village in the Hassan district with 50 to 60 bags of tomatoes.

A theft case was reported to the Halebeedu police station based on the farmer Dharini’s allegation. According to Dharani, the theft occurred as they prepared to harvest the crop and take it to the Bengaluru market because the cost of a kilogram of tomatoes had risen to 120 rupees.

According to Dharani, the robbers destroyed the remaining standing crop in addition to stealing 50–60 bags of tomatoes.

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Dharini Borrowed Money to Plant the Tomatoes:

“We had a disastrous bean harvest and had borrowed money to plant the crops. The theft of the 50 to 60 bags of tomatoes was in addition to the burglars destroying the remaining standing crop. We had a wonderful harvest, and prices were also high, added Dharini.

It is the first reported incidence of tomato theft at Halebeedu Police Station, according to a police officer there. Also requesting compensation from the state government was Dharani’s son.

“Her son also demanded an investigation and compensation from the government. At the police station in Halebeedu, a complaint has been made. The police officer at Halebeedu police station said, “It is the first such case of tomato loot registered at our police station.

On two acres of land, Dharini and her family had been growing tomatoes.

Similar to other states, Karnataka has recently witnessed a sharp rise in tomato prices. In Bengaluru, tomatoes cost between 101 and 121 per kilogram. The abrupt rise in temperature in March and April has been blamed for the high pricing, which led to insect attacks on tomato crops, lower yields, and higher market rates.

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