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Majority Failing Driving Tests, Delhi Transport Dept Brings Changes

To cut down pendency in applications for driving permit (DL) and to support more secure practices, the Delhi transport division is wanting to adjust different driving tests as it has been seeing expanding disappointment in endeavors to clear the tests on computerized tracks, authorities said.

As indicated by authorities, the office has given a request with respect to the changes. “Driving tests after the presentation of mechanized driving test tracks have become troublesome and this is additionally prompting high disappointment in driving tests. In this way, the division has chosen to bring a few changes and changes for public comfort. Around 60-70% up-and-comers who used to bomb the DL prior will currently finish the assessment without containing street security,” said an authority.

The authority added that the office comprised a board of trustees in such manner and its proposals will before long be carried out in all test tracks, beginning this week.

Under the robotized driving tests, authorities said, the candidate’s whole driving abilities are tried, while the testing module was different in the past framework. “In spite of recordings and driving instructional exercises, many can’t finish the driving assessment, even knowledgeable individuals. Presently, with the alteration, candidates who contact the yellow line won’t be excluded. They will be ineligible provided that they hit a divider or kerb,” an authority said.

The office has additionally chosen to build the time given for clearing the converse ‘S’ test. Prior, a candidate needed to finish the converse test in 180 seconds, presently they will get 20 additional seconds to finish it. Additionally, the time considered equal stopping has been expanded by 30 seconds to 150.

Further, authorities said that now the models of contacting the ground with feet has likewise been marginally adjusted. “Prior, any up-and-comer whose feet contacted the ground would be proclaimed fizzled, however presently bike riders will be permitted to contact the ground two times with their feet. Prior, candidates looking for bike DL needed to clear a third circle that was more modest in measurement, however presently each of the three circles will be of comparable size,” the authority added.

The office has additionally chosen to get rid of blast obstructions and candidates will be excluded provided that they hop the red light. “We trust with these changes, up-and-comers will finish the assessments and it will cut down the high disappointment rate and pendency without compromising the norm of the tests,” said authorities.

Changes in driving permit test rules:

1) CAR

– Stopping of purpose of blast obstructions

– Candidates should wear a safety belt to show up before the test begins

Turn around ‘S’

– No preclusion on contacting yellow line

– Exclusion just on hitting kerb, divider or bouncing red light

– Time to finish ‘S’ expanded from 180 to 200 seconds

The ‘8’ test

– Contacting yellow line won’t prompt exclusion

– Time alotted: 90 seconds

– Exclusion assuming arrangement of 8 is off-base, on bouncing red light, raising a ruckus around town

Equal stopping

-Three advances permitted

– Time expanded from 120 seconds to 150 seconds


– Candidates will presently not be excluded for crossing yellow line or for inappropriate stops

– Condition for bombing on rollback boundaries changed from 12 crawls to 18 inches

– DL searchers will presently be excluded for bouncing redlight


– No preclusion for finishing feet on the ground up to twice

– Every one of the three circles to be cleared will be of comparable size

*Surmised no. of driving tests each day – 3,000

*All out no. of robotized driving test tracks – 12

*One 12-hour shift at every one of the tracks at Mayur Vihar, Vishwas Nagar and Shakur Basti

*8 new driving tests tracks in pipeline



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