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Turkey Earthquake: Indian Medical team dispatched for aid.

Indian army's medical unit is dispatched today after Turkey was hit with a severe earthquake yesterday.

On Monday, a series of enormous earthquakes shook Turkey and the neighbouring nation of Syria. In an emergency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised Turkey all available assistance. India agreed to send medical teams, relief supplies, and search and rescue teams from the National Disaster Response Force to Turkey on Monday as soon as the Prime Minister ordered assistance for the nation.

The Indian Army on Tuesday deployed a field hospital as part of its ongoing rescue effort in Turkey to offer medical assistance to those hurt in the nation’s greatest tragedy since 1961. The Army Field Hospital in Agra has sent an 89-person medical team to Turkey.

Today’s earthquake in the area was the fifth of this magnitude. The most recent earthquake was measured at 5.7 on the Richter scale. The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre estimates that the earthquake happened 46 kilometers beneath the surface.

How India is helping Turkey?

The medical team consists of all the critical care professionals, ranging from specialists to a variety of general doctors. Additionally, the squad is outfitted with critical care systems and equipment. The team is sent out with the necessary tools to build up a 30-bed medical centre. Which includes X-ray machines, ventilators, an oxygen production facility, cardiac monitors, also other equipments.

Along with sending two more C-17 flights to Turkey in the evening with 60 Para Field Hospital and soldiers to assist in the rescue and relief efforts. The Indian Air Force has also announced the shipment of the hospital in Agra.

Number of deaths:

The number of fatalities is anticipated to surpass 5,000. However, according to the World Health Organization, the number of fatalities in the area could rise by eight times as a result of the earthquake. Videos that have gone viral demonstrate how huge earthquakes reduced castles and major buildings to ruins. Even while they were asleep, many people died. One of the earthquakes, which had its epicentre in the province of Kahramanmaras in southeast Turkey, was felt as far away as Cairo.

There have also been a lot of aftershocks. Turkey has also announced a seven-day national mourning period.

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