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Uddhav Sena leader Abhishek Ghosalkar shot dead, recorded live on Facebook

Abhishek Goshalkar, the Uddhav Sena leader and the son of an ex-MLA, was shot over a personal dispute in the Dahisar area in Mumbai on Thursday. Abhishek was taken to Karuna Hospital in Borivali in a serious condition where he died. The incident took place days after a BJP MLA was caught on camera firing at an Eknath Shinde faction leader inside a police station at Ulhasnagar raising questions over Maharashtra’s law and order situation.

Abhishek was the son of Vinod Goshalkar, an old-timer of Uddhav’s party. He was the chairman of the Mumbai Buildings Repairs and Reconstruction Board. Abhishek’s wife too served as a corporate.

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According to reports, the attack took place in the office of some Mauris Noronha, popularly known as Mauris Bhai with whom Abhishek had some personal enmity. However, they patched up recently and Abhishek was reportedly invited to Mauris Noronha’s office for an event. According to the ANI report, Mauris bhai allegedly shot Ghosalkar before shooting himself and the entire incident was live-streamed on Facebook.

Statement of Uddhav Sena spokesperson

Uddhav Sena spokesperson Anand Dubey said nobody is safe in Eknath Shinde-Devendra Fadnavis’s Maharashtra. “If a public representative is not safe, then what will be the condition of the public? Is the government creating an atmosphere of fear? Sanjay Raut says the government is nurturing musclemen. Today we saw the evidence of it. Our ex-corporator is fighting for life. And the government speaks of Ram-rajya,” Dubey said.

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