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US Government comments on shooting down UFO’s.

The US government has given it's comments on recent shooting down of unidentified flying objects.

After a string of shoot-downs of mysterious objects. The US Air Force commander in charge of North American airspace indicated on Sunday that he would not rule out aliens or any other explanation just yet. Further deferring to intelligence professionals.

General Glen VanHerck was asked if he had ruled out an extra-terrestrial origin for the three flying objects that American Airforce had shot down. “I’ll leave it up to the intelligence and counterintelligence communities to determine that. I have not ruled anything out.”

The US shot down a number of unknown objects over North American airspace this month. The White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated on Monday (local time) that there was no evidence of aliens or extra-terrestrial activities.

US shoots down 4 unidentified flying objects over the past few days:

The United States has downed three more unidentified flying objects. Since shooting down the Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina on February 4. Two of them in American territory and one in Canadian airspace.

According to the White House, the devices were taken down out of a “abundance of caution.” Further, they did not represent a threat to ground residents, were not sending out communication signals, and were unmanned. The nature and purpose of recently fallen flying objects are still being investigated by the US.

The US continues to gather and examine the debris from the downed items. Biden launched a new, government-wide initiative to explore mysterious flying objects.

According to US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, the US is still attempting to retrieve the remains of three unidentified objects. The same were shot down over the weekend in North American airspace.

Are the UFO’s a need to worry?

Even though the US government has not revealed any dangers as off yet, there are still some problems. Firstly, keeping such things completely classified can be harmful for other countries. Simply because if a similar case of UFO’s happened in any other country, they would not know how to handle with it. However, this issue is not so near right now and there is no need of panic, atleast right now.

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