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Venice experiences Draught, the canals start drying up.

Venice, which was beautiful for its water filled canals which ran throughout the town is experiencing draught, many canals dry up.

Images of parked water taxis, gondolas, and ambulance boats have received a lot of attention on social media. Sections of Venice’s minor canals have nearly completely dried up. Experts believe that the problem in the city is caused by a prolonged period of low tides and lack of rain. This is causing a lot of problems for the people living in Venice.

Given that Venice is known for having frequent flooding, the low water levels have surprised many people. The greatest floods to hit the region since 1966 occurred in 2019. Which caused hundreds of millions of euros’ worth of damages.

The popular Canals of Venice:

The city of Venice, which is in northern Italy, has a distinctive geography. It consists of 118 or more little islands spread out over a lagoon. Which is a body of water that is isolated from a larger body of water by some sort of land development. The Venetian lagoon, which spans 70,176.4 acres, is divided from the Adriatic Sea.

Temporary communities made up of land-dwelling peasants and fishermen progressively became permanent in this area in the fifth century. Venice and its lagoon scenery are the end result of a dynamic process. According to UNESCO, it depicts how humans and their natural environment interact over time.

Currently, Venice’s nearly dry canals have interrupted daily life. They carry the majority of the city’s transportation as cars are prohibited in much of Venice. In addition, gondolas, have left tourists dissatisfied since they cannot cruise the dried-up channels.

Italy’s water shortage problem:

The region has had a severe water deficit in its rivers and lakes ever since last summer. Italy is already “suffering at a time of year when water supplies should be bountiful,” according to Legambiente, an Italian environmentalist organisation, who warned that the water issue could get worse in the coming months.

The Po, which flows from the Alps to the Adriatic and is the longest river in Italy, has 61% less water than usual this time of year. To make matters worse, Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is also experiencing water shortages.

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