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AAP Allegations Against BJP “20 Crore To Join Party”

The Aam Aadmi Party today took on the Narendra Modi-drove association government, blaming it for attempting to overturn the Delhi government “by any means necessary”. The BJP is utilizing focal examination organizations against its chiefs, the party guaranteed. Five senior AAP pioneers in a question and answer session today hammered the BJP for supposedly attempting to bait AAP MLAs with money and dangers. The BJP has denied the charge and blamed AAP for attempting to “go astray and avoid” from inquiries around supposed defilement in the alcohol strategy for which Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was as of late attacked by the CBI.

AAP’s public representative and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh guaranteed he would “uncover” how the PM Modi-drove government is involving focal organizations to cut down the public authority in the public capital.

“Endeavors to break the MLAs of Delhi have started,” he said, adding that the BJP gave a ‘Shinde’ a shot Manish Sisodia however the endeavor fizzled.

He guaranteed BJP individuals undermine AAP MLAs. “They say take our proposal of ₹ 20 crore or face CBI cases like Sisodia,” he said.

Mr Singh said the administrators – – Ajay Dutt, Sanjeev Jha, Somnath Bharati, and Kuldeep Kumar – – have been drawn nearer by heads of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with whom they have “agreeable relations”.

“They have been offered ₹ 20 crore each on the off chance that they join the party and ₹ 25 crore assuming they carry other MLAs alongside them,” Mr Singh said.

The four other AAP MLAs who were available at the question and answer session described how they were purportedly drawn nearer by BJP pioneers.

“They said they know bodies of evidence against Sisodia are phony, however the senior chiefs have chosen to cut down the AAP. BJP’s chiefs have been given the obligation of getting in AAP pioneers,” Somnath Bharati said.

“A BJP pioneer let me know that come what may, we will cut down the Delhi government,” he added.

Sanjay Singh said AAP MLAs and Mr Sisodia are turning “activity lotus” into “activity ‘sham”.

All the MLAs described comparable accounts of being offered ₹ 20-25 crore to switch sides and bring along individual MLAs.



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