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BJP wins in all 3 state elections in Northeast.

BJP has one the lections in 3 Northeast states which are Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland. BJP is on track for 2024 elections.

The state elections in Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland were a significant true test for political parties in the area. India’s general elections in 2024 also draw closer. Over the past few years, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has significantly increased its influence in India’s northeast. The party is having great electoral success in the area. It is winning in states where it has always been viewed favorably.

The BJP has gained the support of the people in the Northeast. It’s emphasis on development and good governance helped the party. The party has started a number of development efforts in the area. Which includes the North East Special Infrastructure Development Program and the Act East Policy (NESIDS).

BJP on track for 2024 Elections:

We can describe the Northeast state’s election round as a mixed bag for the BJP’s 2024 campaign. While the party was successful in maintaining power in Tripura. Further increasing its vote share in Nagaland, it failed in Meghalaya.

In order to win assembly elections and create governments in Assam (60/121 seats), Manipur (21/60 seats), Tripura (35/60 seats), and Arunachal Pradesh (41/60 seats), the BJP formed coalitions with regional parties between 2014 and 2019 and absorbed Congress leaders. The BJP increased its electoral footprint by creating partnerships with the NPP and other parties, despite only winning two seats in Meghalaya in 2018. Partnering with the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party has also greatly benefited BJP in Nagaland.

Why BJP won in all the three states?

The Congress party has long faced challenges in the North-eastern states. In these states, the political scene has been in control by powerful regional parties. The BJP made a wise choice when it decided to enlarge its electoral base by forming alliances with minor regional parties.

The BJP has been able to acquire a footing in places where it has historically struggled by forming alliances with weaker players. For instance, the AGP and the BPF were of help in Assam, whilst the IPFT was utilized in Tripura. Following election victories, the BJP was able to absorb these smaller parties and take control of these states.

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