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BJP Would Be in a Better Position If Yediyurappa Had Continued as Karnataka CM: BY Vijayendra | Exclusive

BJP Karnataka vice-president BY Vijayendra, has said the party would have been in a better position if his father, BS Yediyurappa, was CM.

BY Vijayendra, the vice president of the BJP in Karnataka, who is actively campaigning around the state, has claimed that the party would have performed better if his father, BS Yeddyurappa, had remained in office as chief minister.

Speaking with news organisations, BY Vijayendra stated, “I don’t deny the reality that the BJP would have likely been in a better position if Yeddyurappa ji had continued as the CM. Yediyurappa himself made the decision to retire in order to make room for a new group of leaders. All agreed that the choice, which he himself had made in the best interests of the party, was a good one. Congress is attempting to raise it as a concern.

Vijayendra focusing on people’s support in Karnataka:

The future head of the BJP in Karnataka claimed he will require the support of people because party members have been referring to Vijayendra as the state’s next chief minister during previous electoral campaigns.

“I don’t hide the fact that wherever I go, there are a lot of young people cheering for me to be the next chief minister. However, there is still a ways to go. A national party is the BJP. The top command will ultimately make a decision. The people of Karnataka need to recognise you as their leader at the same time. A position does not automatically make someone a leader; rather, it is the acceptance of others. I firmly believe it, Vijayendra stated.

The party’s leadership had considered running Vijayendra from Varuna against Siddaramaiah, a former chief minister and congressman. The district was thought to be the ideal place for Vijayendra to defeat him because it had a sizable Lingayat voter base. However, BS Yediyurappa quickly rejected the notion and secured his son’s election from Shikaripura. Speaking on the incident, Vijayendra emphasised the support he receives in Siddaramaiah’s stronghold.

Along with criticizing Laxman Savadi and Jagadish Shettar for leaving the BJP, Vijayendra questioned the Congress’ claim that the BJP had marginalized the Lingayat leaders.

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