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Congress calls PM Modi ‘Menhgaai Man’, blames Centre for price rise

In the ongoing battle against rising prices and inflation, the Congress party has taken a strong stance against the Centre’s economic policies, accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being responsible for the prevailing “menhgaai” (expensive) conditions. The opposition party has labeled PM Modi as ‘Menhgaai Man,’ alleging that his government’s decisions have contributed to the surge in prices across various sectors. Let’s delve into the Congress party’s claims and their critique of the Centre’s handling of the economy.

The Price Rise Predicament

Congress has been vocal about the continuous increase in prices, emphasizing the burden it places on the common man. They argue that the Centre’s policies have failed to control inflation, resulting in skyrocketing prices of essential commodities such as food, fuel, and healthcare. The party asserts that the rising prices have severely impacted the purchasing power of the people, leading to economic distress.

Congress’ Accusations

Highlighting their concerns, Congress has coined the term ‘Menhgaai Man’ to target Prime Minister Modi, suggesting that he personifies the ongoing economic crisis. The party blames the Centre’s decisions, including the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and demonetization, for exacerbating the price rise. They claim that these policies have created a ripple effect, causing an imbalance in the market and leading to inflationary pressures.

Congress’ Proposed Solutions

The Congress party, while criticizing the Centre, has proposed alternative measures to tackle the price rise. They advocate for a comprehensive review of the GST framework, aiming to streamline the tax structure and reduce the burden on consumers. Additionally, Congress calls for increased investment in agriculture and rural development to boost productivity and stabilize food prices. They also stress the need for better management of fuel prices and stricter regulations on hoarding and speculation.


The Congress party has consistently raised concerns over the rising prices and the economic burden it imposes on the common man. By terming Prime Minister Modi as ‘Menhgaai Man,’ they aim to draw attention to the perceived failures of the Centre in controlling inflation. While the opposition party puts forth its critique, it also suggests alternative measures to mitigate the impact of rising prices. It remains to be seen how the government responds to these allegations and whether they implement policies to address the growing concerns of the public.

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