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Ghulam Nabi Azad Resigns, Blames Rahul Gandhi

Senior Congress pioneer Ghulam Nabi Azad quit the party today getting down on Rahul Gandhi for “youthfulness” and for “annihilating the consultative component” in the party.

Tragically, after the passage of Rahul Gandhi into legislative issues and especially after January 2013, when he was selected Vice President by you (Sonia Gandhi), the whole consultative component which existed before was crushed by him.

One of the most over the top glaring instances of his (Rahul Gandhi) adolescence was the destroying of the public authority arms in the full glare of the media.

This puerile conduct totally undermined the power of the Prime Minister and the public authority of India. This one single activity more than whatever else contributed essentially to the loss of the UPA government in 2014 that was forced to bear a mission of slander and implication from a blend of powers of the conservative and certain corrupt corporate interests.

Under your stewardship starting around 2014 and hence that of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress has lost two Lok Sabha decisions in an embarrassing way. It has lost 39 out of the 49 gathering races held between 2014 – 2022. The party just won four state decisions and had the option to get into an alliance circumstance in six occasions. Sadly, today, the Congress is administering in just two states and is an exceptionally minor alliance accomplice in two different states.

After Rahul Gandhi ventured down ‘irritably’ and not prior to offending all the senior party functionaries who have given their lives to the party in a gathering of the lengthy working board, you took over as break president. A place that you have kept on holding even today for the beyond three years. More awful still the ‘controller model’ that annihilated the institutional trustworthiness of the UPA government presently got applied to the Indian National Congress. While you are only an ostensible nonentity every one of the significant choices were being taken by Shri Rahul Gandhi or rather more regrettable his safety officers and PAs (individual collaborators). Ghulam quits congress.



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