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Govt doesn’t buy at stated MSP, says Congress

The farmers of India, known to be one of the most important aspects of Indian agriculture are not valued enough and this cannot be denied, no matter what. But Government does try its best to protect them by creating policies that inspire them to keep working hard and earn good enough profit for doing it. But implementation of these plans still lack and the same has been mentioned by the Congress recently.

Modi Government And Anti-Farmer Mantra – Congress

Modi government is always somewhere around when it comes to anti-farmer policies but AICC general secretary Randeep Surjewala questioned the work of the government after the center proposed a new minimum selling price for rabi and kharif crops. He said “The nine years of the Modi government will always be remembered as an era of anti-farmer policies and for its hypocrisy and brutality. While the Modi cabinet has announced (new) MSPs for rabi crops, the bitter truth is that the farm products are not bought at MSP rates. Further, there is no sign of MSPs being made equal to cost plus 50% profit basis. The DNA of the Modi government is anti-farmer as its mantra is to merely declare rates but not buy crops at the same decided price”. This allegation has been outrageously presented and other people can’t stop discussing it.

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Update for Marketing Season 2023-24

Cabinet has approved an increase in MSP, under the presence of the Prime Minister’s guidance to ensure profits for the crop bearers. But as the Modi Government is always in debate due to their decisions, the Congress members have again come up with their own assumption. However, no response has been yet recorded by the BJP’s side as they have mentioned before that they believe in working for the welfare of all without feeling interrupted by others’ opinions on it.

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