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Monsoon Session: Rajya Sabha Functions Sans Interruption After Opposition Walks Out

The Monsoon Session of the Rajya Sabha witnessed a significant turn of events as it continued to function smoothly even after the Opposition staged a walkout. This session marked a pivotal moment in Indian politics, with the Rajya Sabha remaining undeterred by the political drama. Among the prominent figures contributing to the seamless proceedings was the honorable Jagdeep Dhankhar, whose presence played a crucial role.

Smooth Functioning Despite Opposition Walkout

During the Monsoon Session, the Rajya Sabha demonstrated its resilience in the face of challenges posed by the Opposition. Despite their decision to walk out in protest, the upper house of Parliament continued its legislative proceedings without any disruptions. This showcased a commitment to democracy and the uninterrupted functioning of the nation’s esteemed legislative body.

Role of Rajya Sabha in Indian Politics

The Council of States, holds immense importance in India’s political landscape. As the upper house of Parliament, it plays a vital role in the legislative process, ensuring checks and balances on the decisions made by the Lok Sabha (House of the People). The Council of States represents the diverse states and union territories of the country, providing a platform for regional voices to be heard and acknowledged at the national level.

Jagdeep Dhankhar’s Impactful Presence

Amidst the Opposition’s walkout, the presence and role of Jagdeep Dhankhar, the Governor of West Bengal and former Member of Parliament, came to the fore. His experience and expertise in parliamentary affairs contributed significantly to maintaining the decorum and smooth functioning during this crucial session. His ability to bridge political divides and foster dialogue between different factions played a crucial role in upholding the democratic spirit of the upper house.

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Importance of Uninterrupted Sessions

Uninterrupted sessions are of paramount importance in the functioning of any legislative body. They ensure that vital issues are discussed thoroughly, leading to the formulation of effective policies and laws for the betterment of the nation. An uninterrupted session also reflects the commitment of lawmakers to address the concerns of the citizens in a focused and timely manner.


The Monsoon Session of the Rajya Sabha exemplified the resilience and commitment of India’s political system to uphold the democratic principles of uninterrupted parliamentary functioning. Despite the Opposition’s walkout, the Rajya Sabha, under the impactful presence of Jagdeep Dhankhar, continued to fulfill its responsibilities diligently. This session stands as a testament to the strength of Indian democracy and the determination of its elected representatives to serve the nation and its people.

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