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Rahul Gandhi will contest from Amethi in 2024, says new U.P. Congress president

Ajay Rai, the newly appointed Uttar Pradesh Congress chief, claimed on Friday that Rahul Gandhi would contest the 2024 Lok Sabha election from Amethi. He also added that if Priyanka Gandhi wishes to contest from Varanasi then each and every Congress worker would put all the energy into her success.

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Ajay Rai said to reporters, “Rahul Gandhi ii will ‘definitely’ contest from Amethi. Priyanka Gandhi will contest from wherever she wants; if she wants to contest from Varanasi, every worker put their all-around effort to make sure she emerges victorious.” 

Mr. Rai, a five-time former MLA, who also contested against Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the Congress party candidate in the 2014 and 2019 general elections, was made the state president replacing Brijlal Khabri. Earlier speaking with The Hindu, the Congress leader expressed confidence that common voters of the Varanasi parliamentary constituency across caste and religious affiliation will accept Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi as their favorite candidate.

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