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Rajasthan Congress Cockpit on Shaky Grounds Over Sachin Pilot’s Likely Move to Quit

It has been heard from the sources that the prominent face of Rajasthan Congress – Sachin Pilot is a little skeptical about continuing with the party due to his demands not being fulfilled. The chances are that he will declare his final decision on June 11th which has been creating chaos and confusion in and around the grounds of the Congress party.

How Come Sachin Pilot Wants To Quit Rajasthan Congress?

45 year old Sachin Pilot is likely to quit due to his suggestions not being considered when he clearly stated that he would like to see changes in the way the congress party approached corruption as that was a problem even when Vasundhra Raje was proceeding. He wanted to highlight more on the topics related to youth and for welfare of the society. But when his recent meeting with Gehlot and other chief members of Congress on May 29th did not go as planned by solving the major issues, the wind around Sachin leaving the party blew up a little faster than usual.

Even though it was their first meeting together in such a setting, he refused to give his full reassurance regarding fighting the upcoming elections.

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Congress Party Shook Due To Possibility Of A New Party Announcement

No one, neither the Congress party and nor the sources or close acquaintances to Sachin will confirm the announcement of his joining in a new party. But the preparations for his father- Rajesh Pilot’s death anniversary has been going on with full passion and the same day (June 11th) is being assumed as the day of the big announcement.

Everybody is too focused on implementing how Sachin Pilot of Rajasthan Congress cares only about the better of his people, be it the Odisha train accident or regarding the leaking of competitive examinations, he is the first one to offer his advice or consider the issue in the least time possible. But this news has severely shook the Rajasthan Congress’s grounds as there is no certainity from his side on the issue of the decision. Now, the people are only keen to see how it turns out!

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