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Will abstain from voting in Rajya Sabha polls if attacks on loyalists by rival faction continues: TMC MLA

In a bold and decisive move, a Trinamool Congress (TMC) Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) has expressed concern over the escalating attacks on loyalists within the party. This TMC MLA, who holds a position in the Rajya Sabha, has announced a strong statement of dissent. They have declared their intention to abstain from voting in the upcoming Rajya Sabha polls if the attacks by the rival faction persist. This move highlights the growing internal discord within the TMC and calls for immediate attention to preserve party unity and democratic principles.

TMC MLA’s Concerns

The TMC MLA’s decision to abstain from voting in the Rajya Sabha polls serves as a clear warning to the party leadership and the rival faction responsible for the attacks. It showcases the MLA’s commitment to upholding the democratic values upon which the TMC was founded. The MLA firmly believes that a political party should prioritize internal cohesion and unity to effectively represent the interests of its constituents.

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Key Factors behind the TMC MLA’s Decision

  1. Upholding Party Loyalty: The TMC MLA is deeply committed to the principles and ideologies of the party. However, the continued attacks on loyalists within the party have raised concerns about the erosion of trust and unity. By abstaining from voting, the MLA aims to send a strong message to the party leadership that internal disputes should not be overlooked or neglected.
  2. Preserving Democratic Values: In a healthy democracy, internal dissent and constructive criticism play a vital role in shaping policy and maintaining transparency. The TMC MLA’s decision to abstain from voting is a demonstration of their commitment to preserving democratic values within the party. It urges the rival faction to address grievances through dialogue and consensus-building rather than resorting to attacks.
  3. A Call for Immediate Action: The TMC MLA’s bold move is intended to capture the attention of the party leadership and prompt them to take immediate action. It emphasizes the need for swift resolution of internal conflicts to prevent further damage to the party’s reputation and credibility.

Implications and Potential Resolutions

The TMC MLA’s announcement has sparked a crucial conversation within the party, shedding light on the simmering tensions and the urgent need for resolution. The implications of their decision are twofold:

  1. Internal Unity and Reconciliation: The TMC leadership must acknowledge the concerns raised by the MLA and take proactive steps to address the internal conflicts. Constructive dialogue, mediation, and reconciliation are essential to rebuild trust and foster unity within the party.
  2. Addressing Grievances: The rival faction must recognize the damaging consequences of their attacks on loyalists. They should engage in a dialogue with the MLA and other affected members to understand their concerns and work towards a resolution that ensures a united and strong TMC.


The TMC MLA’s decision to abstain from voting in the Rajya Sabha polls sends a powerful message to both the party leadership and the rival faction responsible for the attacks. It highlights the MLA’s unwavering commitment to the principles of loyalty, democracy, and internal unity. It is now up to the TMC leadership to take immediate action, address the grievances raised, and foster an environment of trust and cooperation within the party. By doing so, they can safeguard the TMC’s future and uphold the democratic values they have long fought for.

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