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Ukraine Calls Russia “Terrorist State” At World Court After Nova Kakhovka Dam Blast

We all are well aware of rivalry between the Russia and Ukraine which has led to several destructions to both the countries and their citizens in the recent times. And it doesn’t seem to stop. In a recent court decision, Ukraine declared some statements about the other country that are currently being talked about by everyone else. Let’s take a look at exactly what happened in the International Court of Justice on Tuesday.

About The Nova Kakhovka Dam of Russia

The dam has been built in 1956 which was unleashed within a matter of seconds, exposing the surrounding with too many metres of water. Even though some of the news media are trying to implement that the pressure of water and former deformities is the reason behind the explosion of the famous Nova Kakhovka dam, the incident depicts otherwise. This attack on the dam, directly or indirectly is just looking like another negative factor contributing to the 16th month of the Russia-Ukraine war. The attack has not only threatened the safety of civilians of Ukraine but also, majorly affected a hydroelectric plant nearby.

Scenario At The World Court
The dam in Kherson blew up around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, leading to a flood and affecting other territories around. It has been recorded that nearly 600 houses were sinking in the towns due to these horrific actions caused towards them by the opposite country. Due to the explosion, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), also known as World Court discussed it in the presence of Ukrainian Ambassador-at-large Anton Korynevych. He commented on the matter by reflecting on how the country tried to affect Ukraine through the means of its citizens and hurting other property. This is when he claimed that “Russia’s actions are the actions of a terrorist state” because they are aggressive and definitely not concerned about people’s safety. This statement has been making the headlines as the heat between these two rivals already can’t be ignored. He focused on the damage done while the other country is still stating otherwise and stating other calamities as the reason to whatever happened.

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