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Speaker Vijay Kumar Resigns Ahead Bihar Assembly Polls

Bihar Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha Wednesday left his post, “bowing to the larger part”, in front of the Nitish Kumar government’s floor test. Talking in the Vidhan Sabha, Sinha expressed that Narendra Naryanan Yadav will assume control over the Chair and direct the plan set by the public authority. He added that the seat was “Panch Parmeshwar”. “What message would you like to give by projecting doubts on the Chair? Individuals will pursue a choice,” he added.

The Bihar Assembly speaker secretariat late Tuesday night, on the exhortation of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, changed the business plan for the unique two-day meeting to propel the no-trust movement against Sinha. Prior, Sinha had would not step down.

Elsewhere in the world, Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari told The Indian Express that the public authority is pushing forward with an arrangement to eliminate cost squares across India’s public parkways and on second thought depend on programmed number plate peruser cameras, which will peruse vehicle number plates and consequently deduct cost from the connected financial balances of vehicle proprietors.



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