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Alcaraz beats Djokovic at Wimbledon: Tennis’s New Generation vs the Novak Wall.

Alcaraz is just 20 years old and in his third Grand Slam season. Jannik Sinner reached the Wimbledon semifinals on July 11 as the youngest man to do it since 2007. Sinner mused in his post-game interview that Carlos Alcaraz will likely inherit the record within the next day. The following day, Holger Rune, the sixth seed, was passed by Alcaraz like a landmark on an empty highway.

Alcaraz is just 20 years old and in his third Grand Slam season, but he already has an aura surrounding him. A replay of the potential classic from Roland Garros two months prior took place on Sunday night at Wimbledon. Until he got discomfort in his lower body, that match was also electrifying. He was unable to fully recuperate, so he was forced to watch, seemingly helpless, as Novak Djokovic performed his best.

Alcaraz said during the game that he had given in to the pressure of playing in a significant semi-final.

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Alcaraz wins the Wimbledon:

Last night, the stakes were higher. Alcaraz has always hoped to win the Wimbledon championship. It is where Novak resides. These days, Djokovic rarely completes a Grand Slam without shattering or setting some sort of tennis record. He has played in more Grand Slam finals than anyone else with 35. At Wimbledon, it had been seven years since anyone had defeated him anywhere, and ten years since anyone had defeated him on the center court. He will have advanced to the final in half of the Grand Slams he has participated in if he wins the US Open.

A career that would be absurd enough on its own to be laughable if it weren’t possible that something even more absurd was waiting around the corner. Djokovic consistently exhibits his best tennis of all time. Additionally, he must respond to at least five inquiries about his “plans” during each Grand Slam, which is essentially the only time his age matters. He spends too much time on the court competing against 20-year-olds in five-hour finals. The success, tenacity, and endurance guidelines have been completely rewritten by his generation of tennis supernovas. Back in the previous week, Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas were engaged in a five-set match. Never allowing the younger opponent to have a simple point when collapsing, stretching, or grimacing.

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