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IPL 2023 Final: Gujarat Titans to be declared champions if match is washed out on Monday.

After Sunday’s scheduled Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 Final was postponed due to excessive rain, bad weather is anticipated to play hide and seek today.

On Monday, the reserve day designated for the championship game, the MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings and Hardik Pandya’s Gujarat Titans will square off at Narendra Modi Stadium in the title-deciding match. However, there is some bad news for the supporters who are hoping for a high-octane battle today, as rain is probably going to make things difficult for the game tonight as well.

The regulations for the Reserve Day cut-off time are the same as they were on Sunday in the event of a rain delay.

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IPL 2023 Final possible outcomes:

At 9:35 p.m., the game’s losing overs will begin. The match will then get shorter and shorter, with a five-over match having a cutoff time of 12:06 am.

If it rains more, there will be a chance for a Super Over to decide the outcome. The outfield and pitch must be ready no later than 1:20 AM IST to assure readiness for this situation. If the entire game is postponed, the winner of the appropriate playoff game or title final shall be the team that placed highest in the league standings following the 70 regular-season games.

This means that if the scheduled day was rained off, the defending champion Gujarat Titans will win the IPL championship by virtue of finishing first in the league standings.

A thunderstorm is likely to start around 5 PM IST and linger for around an hour. However, since there isn’t any rain expected throughout the match hours, a full 20-over match is entirely feasible. This suggests that the match will be uninterrupted and enjoyable for both players and spectators.

CSK supporters are constantly looking at the skies hoping for the weather to clear out so that their team has a chance to play the finale and win. MS Dhoni fans are particularly praying for a clear weather as this might be his final appearance at IPL.

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