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Manchester United in profits but still owes close to £1bn.

On Thursday, the club published its financial results for the second quarter ended December 31, and the significant debts could present a barrier to a potential takeover.

According to recent data, Manchester United owes £969.6 million in total debt. Which includes gross debt, bank borrowings, and unpaid transfer fees and related obligations.

On Thursday, the club published its second quarter financial results through December 31.

Due to the ongoing “strategic review,” unlike prior years, there was no investors’ call after the presentation.

The Premier League team might end up being sold as a result of this.

It is emphasised that the review is not the result of any short-term liquidity problems. However, it is focused on how to meet the club’s long-term capital investment requirements. Particularly for upgrades to Old Trafford and the club’s Carrington training facility. But the sum due to the club has increased.

Total Amounts owed by Manchester United:

The club owed £535.7 million as opposed to £477.1 million at the same time last year. Despite the fact that the principal debt is still $650 million. This was due to a shift in the exchange rate.

Additionally, £206.2 million has been deducted from a rolling credit facility, leaving £227.7 million in unpaid transfer costs. Although the club did have £31 million in cash or equivalents, the total amount is still just shy of $1 billion.

However, it is emphasised that this has already changed for the better as a result of bumper matchday revenues and impressive season ticket sales – and they expect that to continue. BBC Sport has been informed that the numbers are evidence of a “stretched” financial situation.

Indeed, in addition to reporting profits of £6.3 million for the quarter, United also disclosed that sponsorship income rose by 43.2% to £50.4 million from the previous quarter. This, according to the club, is a result of their training kit contract with Tezos as well as a “one-off sponsorship credit” that they have chosen not to disclose.

Earnings decreased by £20.4 million to £77.3 million, or 20.9%, as Erik ten Hag’s squad is not participating in the Champions League this year.

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