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‘Blown away by the man and his passion’: Venkatesh Prasad gives a tour of MS Dhoni’s bike collection in Ranchi

Venkatesh Prasad, former Indian cricketer, recently had the privilege of witnessing MS Dhoni’s impressive bike collection in Ranchi. Prasad, who was blown away by Dhoni’s passion, shares an exciting glimpse into the world of bikes owned by the former Indian captain.

A Glimpse into MS Dhoni’s Bike Collection

MS Dhoni, renowned for his love for bikes, has amassed an extraordinary collection over the years. Venkatesh Prasad was fortunate enough to get an exclusive tour of this magnificent collection. As Prasad recounts his experience, he expresses his awe at the range of bikes owned by Dhoni, showcasing the former captain’s deep passion for these machines. This unique insight provides fans and enthusiasts alike with a glimpse into Dhoni’s off-field fascination with motorcycles.

Venkatesh Prasad’s Fascination with Dhoni’s Bikes

As a fellow cricketer and admirer of MS Dhoni, Venkatesh Prasad was thoroughly impressed by the collection of bikes owned by the former captain. Prasad describes being “blown away” by Dhoni’s passion, evident in the careful selection and customization of each bike. The experience left Prasad in awe of not just Dhoni’s cricketing prowess but also his undeniable enthusiasm for bikes, which is now part of his iconic persona.

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Unveiling Dhoni’s Bike Collection: A Tour of Magnificence

Venturing into MS Dhoni’s bike haven, Venkatesh Prasad provides a virtual tour of the impressive collection. From high-performance superbikes to classic vintage motorcycles, each vehicle possesses its own unique charm. Prasad’s narration takes us through the intricacies of Dhoni’s favorite bikes, highlighting their design, features, and sentimental value. It’s a rare opportunity to appreciate the man behind the legend and discover a different facet of MS Dhoni’s larger-than-life persona.


Venkatesh Prasad’s captivating account of MS Dhoni’s bike collection in Ranchi offers fans an exclusive glimpse into the former captain’s personal fascination with motorcycles. Dhoni’s passion for bikes, showcased through his diverse collection, adds another layer of intrigue to his iconic status both on and off the cricket field.

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