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AI Bot to be a real attorney in US Court in February.

An AI Powered "Robot lawyer" will attorney a case in February in the United States.

We have all been hearing about how AI bot and technology will be the next step in future. Now, it seems like the future is actually here. An AI powered “robot lawyer” will attorney its first case in a real court in the US.

The “world’s first robot lawyer” will represent a client in court the following month. They appeal a traffic ticket with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

The business that developed it, DoNotPay, refers to the AI as “the world’s first robot lawyer.” The AI will run on a smartphone and listen to courtroom arguments in real-time before instructing the defendant on what to say via headphones. Next month will see the historic hearing, but neither the venue nor the identity of the defendant are being made public by the robot lawyer’s creators.

According to Joshua Browder, the company’s founder and CEO, DoNotPay has agreed to pay any fines if they lose the case.

How did the AI Bot journey begin?

The start-up DoNotPay, established in 2015 in California by Joshua Browder, a computer scientist from Stanford University. Mainly to combat parking charges, is where the concept for a robot lawyer first emerged. DoNotPay was first introduced by Joshua Browder in 2015 as a chatbot that offers legal counsel to customers who are struggling with fines, late fees, and parking violations. In 2020, the company made the switch to AI.

Since its release, the software has spread throughout the UK and the US, assisting users in writing letters for a variety of purposes, including filing insurance claims, complaining to local authorities or businesses, requesting tourist visas, and more. According to Joshua Browder, during the pandemic, DoNotPay usage skyrocketed.

Is the future finally here?

It truly is revolutionary when we hear about a robot fighting a case. It is a gamechanger as it is much cheaper than hiring a real lawyer. However, the true test of the AI Bot will be next month. If it wins the case it will be a big change in people who have similar cases in court.

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