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Bangalore citizens experience static shock while touching objects.

After a woman shared her experience on social media, it has become a hot topic after several people in Bengaluru report getting static shock while touching a few objects.

Recently, some people in Bangalore reported getting static shocks when they touched metal surfaces. It has become a popular issue among residents of Bangalore. It is trending since a woman recently posted about her experience on social media.

Aakanksha Gaur, a local, tweeted earlier this month asking, “Bangalore residents, do you currently experience static shocks when touching metal? It seems like all of my pals are having similar problem. As I turned the doorknob, I noticed a tiny spark.” Similar experiences were reported by a number of other citizens, and the topic is still ongoing.

Many have been puzzling over the peculiar phenomenon. Also about the cause of the abrupt increase in the second part of February. Scientists and specialists have been keeping an eye on it. In their opinion, the city’s weather is primarily to blame for the static shocks.

Experts tell people that it is nothing to worry about:

Static shocks, also known as electrostatic discharge (ESD). They are believed to occur in dry weather around the end of winter as the weather begins to warm up, despite the fact that experts have not offered a conclusive explanation.

It happens when there is a sudden transfer of electric charge between two items having differing electric potentials, such as when static electricity is present on one object and it comes into touch with another object.

Bangalore is experiencing an unusually dry spell, according to meteorologists, with relative humidity levels averaging between 30 and 40% and 60 and 70% at the lowest and highest, respectively.

What usually leads to static shocks?

While humidity aids in the dissipation of electric charges, static shock occurs more frequently in dry climates. Because there is less moisture in dry air to carry electricity, static electricity can accumulate on surfaces and objects. When synthetic textiles like polyester and nylon brush against one another, they can create static electricity since they are insulators. When you touch metal objects, for instance, this may cause static shock.

Should Bangalore people worry?

Static shocks aren’t particularly hazardous, so you shouldn’t worry too much about them. Wearing non-synthetic clothing, utilizing humidifiers, and adequately moisturizing your body could all help prevent the charge build-up on your body since dry air appears to be a major contributor to the occurrence.

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