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China’s Basketball League: 2 teams disqualified for match fixing.

Due to allegations of match-fixing, two clubs were expelled from the China's basketball league.

In response to charges of match-fixing, China’s basketball league kicked two clubs from the postseason.

The Shanghai Sharks and Jiangsu Dragons were found by the Chinese Basketball Association to have behaved inappropriately. It was during a playoff series last week, leading to the decision.

The league claimed in a statement released on Monday. It said that the Sharks and Dragons’ best-of-three playoff series, which ended on Friday, was marked by a “lack of competitive effort” and “negative in competition.” The teams will also get a $5 million equivalent penalties and a five-year suspension from the league. It will be for their general managers and head coaches.

The CBA, led by NBA legend Yao Ming, initially declared on Saturday that it wanted reports on both teams’ series-related behaviour from both teams. The scenario was “quite saddening,” according to a statement released by Yao on Monday. He also emphasised that the disqualifications and other penalties are essential to maintain the league’s reputation.

Here’s how China’s Basketball League determined match-fixing:

Fans and the media focused on Shanghai’s dramatic comeback victory in Game 3 on Friday. Shanghai advanced to the quarterfinals by taking advantage of Jiangsu’s string of questionable errors.

With 1:36 left, the Dragons had a 100-96 advantage over the Sharks. However, the following minute saw five straight turnovers that allowed Shanghai to take a 10-point lead. Shanghai won the game 108–104, giving them a 2-1 series advantage.

Numerous former NBA players are currently on the Sharks team, including former No. 2 overall choice Michael Beasley and Eric Bledsoe, who was out for the Dragons series due to a ban.

Additionally, the league charged the Sharks for “negative contention” in Game 2 of the series, which the Dragons won 97-90. Shanghai allegedly lost the game on purpose to force a third game and offer Bledsoe, who was given a four-game suspension before to the start of the postseason, the opportunity to play sooner in the quarterfinals.

Mostly as a result of Yao’s legendary NBA career, basketball continues to be extremely well-liked in China. That’s in spite of a one-year suspension of NBA broadcasts in the nation following comments made by a club executive that Beijing found offensive in support of the pro-democracy struggle in Hong Kong.

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